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Ceiling Tile System

The Basement Doctor™ offers ceiling tiles for finishing Ohio basements. We offer drop ceiling installations for homes in Dublin, Columbus, Westerville, and in other nearby communities. Drop ceilings can be installed quickly, look great, and don't leave any mess for you to clean up following the installation process. Our ceiling tile is also very functional, versatile, and can be used with all types of recessed lighting. It also helps to create a great sound barrier between your basement and the first floor of your home. This means that if the kids are downstairs watching a movie, and you are upstairs trying to work, you won't be bothered by all the noise!

Also, if a tile in your drop ceiling gets damaged for one reason or another, they can easily be replaced for a low, reasonable price. With so many benefits to this ceiling tile system, it's no wonder as to why they are growing so much in popularity with area homeowners. Our drop ceiling tiles are stylish, and will look great in any finished basement regardless of its decor.

Installation time and costs will vary based on project size, customized options, and the location of the project. Installation wait times of multiple months are possible depending on these options.

Basement Ceiling Tile

Basement Ceiling Tiles

Our basement ceiling tiles are specially-engineered to be able to withstand the conditions in a basement environment. They are made from inorganic materials (mineral fibers) rather than wood materials, which could try to foster the development of mold and mildew since they are organic materials. The dimensions of the ceiling tiles are roughly 2' by 2' by 3/4". They can be used along with fluorescent lighting and will never sag, droop, or show any signs of dangerous mold growth.

Types of Ceiling Tiles

The Basement Doctor™ offers two different types of ceiling tiles: Linen and Prestige. The Linen basement ceiling tiles are bright and can help this area under your home look clean, well-lit, and spacious. They can be used in family rooms, bedrooms, home offices, playrooms, media centers, or for any other areas you have in your basement.

Prestige ceiling tiles are great for recessed lighting and have a textured appearance. This means they are great for game rooms or areas where the kids play. They are resistant to dings an dents and dents, and they don't really show their age!

We feel that our basement ceiling tile system is even better when used with our basement flooring and insulated basement wall systems. Please contact us today to learn more about getting these ceiling tiles installed in your Ohio home!

Dropped Ceiling

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