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Preparation for Basement Finishing

Below you will find a series of tips and advice on things to do before finishing your basement in Ohio. Basement finishing can increase the living space and value of your home. Before starting to finish your basement, you must ensure the area is dry, free of mold, and that you have tested and mitigated for any Radon leaks. Additionally, prior to starting a basement remodeling or finishing project, the foundation must be solid and shouldn't have any uncorrected bowed or cracked foundation walls.

The Basement Doctor™ is the basement company which serves homeowners all over Ohio. We are based in the Columbus, OH area and we have finished hundreds of basements.

Basement Doctor Offers The Magic Wall System

Learn why it is important to start any basement finishing job with a dry and structurally sound foundation! Mold can become a major problem. Call The Basement Doctor™ first!

Thinking of finishing your basement? Watch this clip from NBC4's We Decorate Columbus and learn some important tips on how to prep your basement so it doesn't flood, grow mold, or otherwise ruin your investment.

Key factors to the long term success of a finished basement:

  • Stopping moisture or water aka waterproofing
  • Repairing any existing foundation wall problems
  • Using materials resistant to mold
  • Installing a dependable battery back-up sump pump

The Basement Doctor™ has seen tens of thousands of finished and unfinished basements with basement waterproofing problems ranging from dampness, to mold, to all-out flooding. If you are going to finish your basement, this is what we recommend to prepare it properly. If you already have finished your basement, the majority of these precautions can still be made.

Installation time and costs will vary based on project size, customized options, and the location of the project. Installation wait times of multiple months are possible depending on these options.

Basement Finishing Company

If you are considering upgrading your basement, please get in touch with our basement finishing company.

The links below provide great info regarding prepping a basement for finishing:

  1. Install an effective waterproofing system.
  2. Install a reliable sump pump with alarm and back-up system.
  3. Guard against floods from frozen sump discharge lines.
  4. Seal and finish walls.
  5. Keep the floor warm, dry and comfortable.
  6. Protect against common plumbing leaks from ruining your finished basement.
  7. Inspect your basement windows.
  8. Dehumidify the space.
  9. Perform some basic exterior maintenance.
  10. Install safety egress windows so a finished basement has another point of escape.

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