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Yard Drainage and Gutter Systems

To help homeowners with yard drainage, The Basement Doctor™ offers gutter systems which are one of the best waterproofing systems to keep water from building up against your foundation during periods of heavy rainfall. The first step in the process of ensuring you put the least amount of water against your foundation is to keep your gutters free of debris so that any water coming off the roof drains properly into the downspouts. You also need to ensure the downspouts are not clogged up. Finally, be absolutely sure that the downspouts have extensions on them to divert water away from the house and into an acceptable drainage area. So many homeowners are shocked when our inspection experts simply recommend that the homeowner makes a few simple adjustments, like the ones mentioned above.

Only after you properly address your drainage situation can you then determine if any additional services might be necessary. It's important to not over-simplify this. It is also wise to not do any changes with your foundation until the professional you having analyzing and suggesting repair options completely addresses all drainage-related concerns.

Downspout Extension

The Basement Doctor's drainage downspout extension will keep water from the roof away from your foundation.

Water Drainage

Here are a few Basement Doctor™ water drainage tips to consider:

  • Keep the soil graded away from your Ohio house wherever possible
  • Keep the gutters clean
  • Keep your downspouts clean
  • Consider installing a gutter protection system
  • Keep window wells clear of leaves and debris
  • Every six months, be sure you check all the systems mentioned above to ensure they work properly.

At times, it may prove worthwhile to have some drainage pipe installed in order to ensure water doesn't puddle or pool in your yard. The trained professional consultants from our company really know what to look for and can make a lot of suggestions so we keep your basement dry and safe.

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