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Force Beam, Basement Doctor Plus, and Downspout Installation in Worthington, OH

Project Manager: Curtis Cline

Customer Name: Creola G.

Location: Worthington, OH 43085


Carla called into The Basement Doctor on behalf of her mother Creola. Carla noticed some things in her mother’s home that prompted her to call and speak with Customer Service. One issue Carla noticed was mold on her mother’s walls. She also noticed some seepage on the wall and bowing on the east wall. Carla stated that this issue has been ongoing for quite some time. Carla scheduled a free consultation with The Basement Doctor so she could find a solution for her mother’s basement issues.


The Basement Doctor sent project manager Curtis Cline out to assess the issues in Creola’s basement. Curtis is a seasoned project manager at The Basement Doctor, and has assisted homeowners throughout Central Ohio for many years. The main objective for Curtis was to locate the problem areas for Creola and find a solution. Curtis suggested Force beams, Basement Doctor Plus, and 94’ downspout lines. The Force beams would address the bowing on the east wall of the basement by aligning the wall properly with the home’s foundation. The Basement Doctor Plus would solve the wall seepage. Lastly, the downspout lines would fix the water infiltration so that it can drain properly. After discussing the options Carla and Creola settled to move forward with The Basement Doctor. The Basement Doctor crew was on hand to ensure the products were installed successfully. Carla and Creola were given the peace of mind they needed. Trust was earned, and the goal of customer satisfaction was achieved.

Customer Quote

“Everyone was friendly and explained the work to be completed.”.
– Carla on behalf of her mother Creola G.




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