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Leaky Basement and Foundation Repair in Columbus, OH
Customer: Brian & Kristen H.
Location: Columbus, OH 43212
Project Manager: Wes Martin

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Project Description


Brian called The Basement Doctor because he had water in his basement. He and his wife Kristen owned their home for 15 years and never had this issue before. He stated the water seepage is at the cove along one wall. Brian also stated that he had no sump pump in his basement. They had very busy lifestyles due to working in the restaurant industry. He knew they needed to take care of this issue before it became a larger problem. He scheduled a free consultation with The Basement Doctor to find a solution to his leaky basement.


The Basement Doctor sent project manager Wes Martin out to assess the leaky basement. Wes’ extensive knowledge and years of experience as a project manager made him a great fit for this project. Wes had a main objective going into this project: locate the issue and suggest a solution. Wes located the issue at the cove of the wall and pointed out a stabilization issue on the wall itself. Wes suggested 70 ft. of waterproofing and four Force beams. Waterproofing is a great solution to leaky basements to get rid of and keep water out. It seals the area and provides a proper route for water to drain away from the home. The Force beams serve as wall stabilizers if the foundation is slightly unaligned. The beams will bring the wall back into alignment with the foundation. After discussing the options with the homeowners, they agreed to move forward with The Basement Doctor. The Basement Doctor team was on the job to ensure the installation was a success. The homeowners were satisfied with the work that was done in their home. They were given peace of mind knowing the leaky issue in their basement had been solved. The Basement Doctor’s goal of trust was earned and achieved!

Customer Quote:

"My overall experience was great. I would say your communication was exceptional. I always knew where my project stood. I was pleasantly surprised with the cleanliness of the job site post installation. Great job!!" – Brian H.