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Leaky Basement needs Waterproofing in Columbus, OH
Customer: Barbara & David C.
Location: Columbus, OH 43213
Project Manager: Dan Nott

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Project Description


Barbara called into The Basement Doctor and stated that she had water in her basement. She explained that her basement was unfinished on a block foundation. She noticed that her basement would get a lot of water when it rained heavily. At the point of her call, she had just had her walls coated. She didn’t notice any cracks in her walls, but she did notice some brown spots. Barbara scheduled a free consultation with The Basement Doctor to find a solution for her leaky basement.


The Basement Doctor sent project manager Dan Nott out to assess the leaky basement. Dan is a great project manager for The Basemen Doctor and assists homeowners throughout the central Ohio area. Dan’s objective was to inspect Barb’s basement issues and provide a proper solution based on that inspection. After a thorough assessment, Dan determined that Barb needed 70ft. of waterproofing. Waterproofing is an excellent “go-to” option to keep water from infiltrating your basement, and to make sure it is draining out properly. After discussing options with the homeowners, the installation process began. Our Basement Doctor crew was on the job to ensure the waterproofing system was installed properly. Barb was given the peace of mind that she needed. Trust was earned, and the goal of customer satisfaction was achieved.

Customer Quote:

“The company did an excellent job and your crew was very polite. Thank you for your service!” – Barbara C.