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Wet & Musty Crawl Space in Pickerington, OH Contributes to Health Problems
Customer: Martha B.
Location: Pickerington, OH 43147
Project Manager: Jarrod McDonald
Installation Foreman: Calvin Sparks

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Project Description


The homeowner noticed that she had a very wet and musty smelling crawl space. The homeowner also believed she had mold in her crawl space and knew she had to call in an expert. Concerned about this issue, the customer called The Basement Doctor.


After Jarrod carefully inspected the home, he was able to find the problem and prescribe a solution. Jarrod diagnosed that the damp crawl space was in need of a crawl space perimeter drain with sump pump to manage the water and white cap vapor barrier encapsulation to control the environment. The combination of these systems together would allow the crawlspace to be a dry, healthy, and usable space. Anabec mold disinfectant was further applied as well to ensure the cleanliness of the area.

Anything special that stood Out to you in this project?

The homeowner was getting sick possibly due to the conditions in the crawl space. The homeowner stated that she was diagnosed with Pneumonia three times this past year. Her daughter also complained of the musty smell on her clothes when she would come to visit. These are all signs that there was a serious issue in that crawl space and the unhealthy air was permeating throughout the home.