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The Team

Our Team of Experts have a passion for providing you an affordable and reliable solution for the problems within your home. We strive to make your home drier, cleaner, healthier, safer and more energy efficient. Below you will see profiles for individuals that are a part of The Basement Doctor team. This is a great opportunity to learn more about them or even submit a review if we have done work for you previously. We have found that customer reviews are a crucial step to our goal of reaching complete customer satisfaction.

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The Basement Doctor Ron Greenbaum
Ron Greenbaum The Basement Doctor

Management Team

Operations Manager Edward Meyer
Ed Meyer Operations Manager
Executive Vice President/Brand Development Betsy Bankhurst
Betsy Bankhurst Executive Vice President/Brand Development
Marketing Director Mike Stiers
Mike Stiers Marketing Director
Controller Jack Witt
Jack Witt Controller
Human Resources Manager Sarah Bailey
Sarah Bailey Human Resources Manager
IT Manager Adam Bankhurst
Adam Bankhurst IT Manager
Production Admin Manager Jessica Giffin
Jessica Giffin Production Admin Manager
Installations Manager Rob Giffin
Rob Giffin Installations Manager
Service/ Annual Maintenance Service Manager Brian Chambers
Brian Chambers Service/ Annual Maintenance Service Manager
Call Center Manager Tiffany Davis
Tiffany Davis Call Center Manager

Administration Department

Admin Bookkeeping Assistant Shirley Bowen
Shirley Bowen Admin Bookkeeping Assistant
Accounts Payable Clerk/Admin Support Melissa France
Melissa France Accounts Payable Clerk/Admin Support
IT Support Scott Hall
Scott Hall IT Support
Finance Coordinator/ Payroll Support Cherie Lindsay
Cherie Lindsay Finance Coordinator/ Payroll Support
Accounts Payable Coordinator Debbie Miller
Debbie Miller Accounts Payable Coordinator
Admin/Sales Support Leslie Strosky
Leslie Strosky Admin/Sales Support
Accounts Receivable Coordinator Dollie Warren
Dollie Warren Accounts Receivable Coordinator

Project Managers

Assistant Sales Manager/Trainer Ryan Bolin
Ryan Bolin Assistant Sales Manager/Trainer
Project Manager Curtis Cline
Curtis Cline Project Manager
Project Manager Robert Forrest
Robert Forrest Project Manager
Project Manager Scott Lee
Scott Lee Project Manager
Senior Project Manager Wes Martin
Wes Martin Senior Project Manager
Project Manager Nick Marullo
Nick Marullo Project Manager
Project Manager Seth Melvin
Seth Melvin Project Manager

Production Department

Foreman Geoff Hall
Geoff Hall Foreman
Foreman Justin Parks
Justin Parks Foreman
Foreman Alex Herrera
Alex Herrera Foreman
Foreman Jesse Senters
Jesse Senters Foreman
Foreman Donald Smith
Donald Smith Foreman
Foreman Scott Freeland
Scott FreelandForeman
Field/Maintenance SupervisorMike Jenkins
Mike Jenkins Field/Maintenance Supervisor
Field Supervisor Dan Nott
Dan Nott Field Supervisor
Warehouse Coordinator Jesse Hall
Jesse Hall Warehouse Coordinator
Project Technician Randy Boyer
Randy Boyer Project Technician
Project Technician Juventino Cardona
Juventino Cardona Project Technician
Project Technician Salvador Carlos
Salvador Carlos Project Technician
Project Technician Gregory Cohen
Gregory Cohen Project Technician
Project Technician Gary Monroe
Gary Monroe Project Technician
Project Technician Josh Smith
Josh Smith Project Technician
Project Technician Christopher Sparks
Christopher Sparks Project Technician
Project Technician Sergio Villanueva
Sergio Villanueva Project Technician
Project Technician Paul Warden
Paul Warden Project Technician
Project Technician Kris Henry
Kris HenryProject Technician
Project Technician Gary Monroe
Gary MonroeProject Technician

Maintenance Department

Annual Maintenance Service and Service Technician Jim Shore
Jim Shore Annual Maintenance Service and Service Technician
Annual Maintenance Service Technician Desi Steinbrook
Desi Steinbrook Annual Maintenance Service Technician
Annual Maintenance Service Technician Karl Hagedorn
Karl Hagedorn Annual Maintenance Service Technician
Electrician and Annual Maintenance Service Technician Justin Thompson
Justin Thompson Electrician and Annual Maintenance Service Technician
Service and Production Support Lamar Bland
Lamar Bland Scheduling Coordinator/Maintenance Support
Service Technician Gary Leckrone
Gary Leckrone Service Technician
Annual Maintenance Service Technician Joe Ndiritu
Joe Ndiritu Annual Maintenance Service Technician
Annual Maintenance Service Technician Todd Stepp
Todd Stepp Annual Maintenance Service Technician
Production Coordinator Terry McGovern
Terry McGovern Production Coordinator

Customer Care Center

Customer Care Agent Bonita Binford
Bonita Binford Customer Care Agent
Team Leader Ingrid Clark
Ingrid Clark Team Leader
Customer Care Agent Robin Hoffman
Robin Hoffman Customer Care Agent
Customer Care Agent Diane Jewell
Diane Jewell Customer Care Agent
Team Leader Patsy Kraft
Patsy Kraft Team Leader
Customer Care Agent Shontelle Trader
Shontelle Trader Customer Care Agent
Customer Care Agent Racquel Yarbrough
Racquel Yarbrough Customer Care Agent

Marketing Department

Web Developer/Media Specialist Jamie Boeshart
Jamie Boeshart Web Developer/Media Specialist
Graphic Designer Kim Howard
Kim Howard Graphic Designer
Marketing Associate Ronald Lyles
Ronald Lyles Marketing Associate
Customer Care Specialist Monique Meyer
Monique Meyer Customer Care Specialist
Marketing Assistant Megan Posey
Megan Posey Marketing Assistant
Graphic Designer Sarah Shepler
Sarah Shepler Graphic Designer

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