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Terra Casa Flooring


The Terra Casa Flooring System we use for finished basements is a waterproofed vinyl basement flooring option. It will never, ever rot, buckle or become mold food. It remains beautiful and provides a comfortable surface year after year. This durable flooring product is so easy to install, you could take it with you if you ever move.

Using the proper type of flooring and sub floor surface when finishing a basement is essential. Putting down a carpet pad, wood tack strips, and organic carpet is not the proper method for basement finishing. You do not want to see what is under carpet that has been sitting on a basement floor that has any degree of moisture; we guarantee you. Families often spend a lot of time in their finished basement, including small children, so it's important to finish a basement floor with safety in mind.

Installation time and costs will vary based on project size, customized options, and the location of the project. Installation wait times of multiple months are possible depending on these options.


The inorganic vinyl basement flooring system from The Basement Doctor™ is an excellent choice and will alleviate any concern you may have about flooring in a basement. The product is incredibly durable. It comes in many colors and looks like natural wood. Your basement floor is no place for hardwood, plywood, or chipboard. That’s just asking for trouble.

Eventually all sub floors or hardwood will be affected by the cold and damp nature of the concrete basement floor. And in a basement, there’s always the threat of broken pipes, a leaky water heater, overflowing toilets, or a washing machine disaster. Sooner or later, wet wood floors mean buckling, rot, mold, odor — and the waste and expense of replacement.

Terra Casa basement flooring colors


Our Terra Casa basement flooring is manufactured from inorganic material. It can't mildew or rot and become a fuel for destructive mold growth which can weaken your floor joists, and release toxic mold spores throughout your home. Our natural look flooring options mimics the look of natural wood without the risk of becoming a home for pests, termites and other nasty bugs.

The Basement Doctor's finished basement vinyl flooring is a practical and beautiful solution for your home. Available in a variety of finished carpeted and vinyl tile styles, it turns your ugly, cold, wet basement floor into part of a beautiful living space. It's a perfect match for our basement ceiling tiles, the basement wall finishing systems!

Terra Casa basement flooring colors

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