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Intelli-Pump Battery Back Up Sump Pump


A battery backup sump pump, such as the Intelli-Pump® from The Basement Doctor™, can be useful in case the power goes out at your Columbus area home or if your primary pump fails. When the main pump stops working, the backup sump will be activated. There aren't any buttons or switches for you to worry about flipping on or over on your own. It's all automatic. So, what would happen if you didn't have a battery backup sump pump installed in the basement of your home? It could spell disaster for your entire basement. Without an active sump to send the water out and away from your home, water will start to build up in your basement and you could have damaged floors, walls, and anything in the water's path could get ruined.

Intelli-Pump Flow Rate


The Intelli-Pump® is a battery backup pump which will prevent your basement from getting flooded or damaged from water in case your main pump fails. Intelli-Pump® from The Basement Doctor™ features a microprocessor controller which checks for AC power and the status of the battery. It self-tests for float and 12V pump operation every 14 days.

Intelli-Pump Battery Back Up System


The main benefits of the Intelli-Pump® battery backup sump system are:

  • Keep your basement dry in case the primary pump fails
  • Automatically switches itself on
  • You can program up to 3 phone numbers in the dialer - your cell phone, your work phone, and our basement waterproofing professionals.
  • Dialer notification will alert you if there's a problem
  • Smart Charging Technology gets rid of surface charge and brings battery back to optimal levels
  • Use any deep cycle 12V battery, wet cell (SLA) or maintenance free (battery not included)
  • Includes connection port for 3rd party security system notification
  • Powerful DC pump moves up to 3300 GPH @ 0 feet
Finished Basement Installed With An Intelli-Pump

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