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Barrier Free Remodeling

The Basement Doctor™ has been remodeling homes in Columbus and central Ohio to provide a comfortable and safe home for today and tomoruk-grid through the use of barrier free remodeling!

Home Remodeling

Research over the past few years has indicated that it is much more affordable to undertake home remodeling to accommodate for the needs of your aging relative as opposed to placing them in a senior care facility.

Health care costs are certainly on the rise, and there doesn't seem to be any plateau in sight. Take care of your relatives with special needs by having affordable, professional home remodeling from The Basement Doctor™.

Planning for a barrier free remodel is the most important step of the process. You will need to have an in-depth conversation and planning session with our home remodeling experts. Let them know the specific needs of your loved one. Are they in a wheelchair and need bigger doorways? Are they having trouble reaching cabinets in the kitchen or the bathroom? Do they want the kitchen to be much more accessible to them? These questions and many others will need to be thought about to make sure that you are provided with a barrier free remodel which truly fits your relative(s).

As a typical homeowner, you may be wondering what barrier free remodeling is. This form of remodeling for the home refers to making home improvements and special renovations to make the inside and outside of the property much more accessible for handicapped individuals or people who have any kind of disability which may hinder their movement.

If you have family members who are confined to a wheelchair, must use a walker to get around, or have trouble reaching or getting to certain home appliances, you need to put serious thought into making the home much more easier to maneuver around in. Barrier free remodeling will create space which is free of any obstacles and involves the use of structures which are handicap-friendly.

In today's society, it is becoming much more common for older parents to move in with their children or grandchildren. If this is your situation, help your relative(s) out by having professional barrier free remodeling work done by The Basement Doctor™.

Types of Barrier Free Remodeling

The following are a few types of barrier free remodeling projects which we commonly take care of in Ohio homes:

  • Special handles attached to bedroom or bathroom walls to help individuals get to the shower or to the bed with ease
  • Bigger doorways to allow for wheelchair or walker access
  • Kitchen and bathroom cabinets placed at certain heights to allow for easy accessibility for individuals in wheelchairs
  • Raised toilet seats, wheelchair ramps, or shower and bath benches can be really helpful for disabled individuals
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