As a first time home buyer with experience with trades and construction, I thought I knew my stuff. Mike Hlavsa was my project manager who came to our property to follow up the usual housing inspection. He caught SO MUCH the inspector missed. He took his time going through the entire home, I never felt rushed, not listened to, and respected. Mike started in the basement and worked his way upward. He noted that the previous foundation repair work was sloppy and helped me understand what needed to happen. He also walked me through housing codes as well and why things needed to be a certain way. I think it’s important that people do this, because if you see a big scary number and don’t understand why you’re gonna get scammed by a cheaper company. My housing inspector also missed a major mold problem which Mike caught. He physically showed me where the mold problem occurred, what it was, and how BD would remove it. Mike was also versed in electrical repair as well, and again, caught what my electrical inspector missed. We moved through the finished basement and noted bowing in the drywall. He again walked my through what needed to happen, and why finished basements iffy the older they get. We moved into the garage and Mike wanted to consult with his team further when he noticed a problem with the foundation. We ended up on a conference call where his foundation experts discussed what was going on with the garage foundation and educated me on why this was happening. Also recommended what can be done to solve the issue. The estimate was far lower than I expected. I expected easily 60 grand from a company who did such an extensive inspection. Overall, I have N-E-V-E-R had a better experience with a consultation from a contractor in my life. I think everyone should use them for inspection reports and basement work.