Great job from start to finish! I called The Basement Doctor after learning that I needed a cracked, cement block wall repaired before a building contractor could begin work to remodel our family rec room in our basement. Greg arrived first to assess/determine the work needed. Zach, Matt, and Christian arrived two days later to perform the work. They sealed off the work area with plastic sheeting, removed the old wall coating/sealant that I had put on the wall years ago, installed 4 beams to stabilize the wall, and then properly sealed the wall. Their job complete, the three cleaned up the work area and removed the sheeting and their tools. And, when they left, the only reminder as to their presence was my newly-repaired wall. My building contractor can now begin his remodel on time. Greg, Zach, Matt and Christian are very knowledgeable and meticulous in their work, and I would not hesitate to call upon their skills again for any future projects.