In October we had Ryan, a manager from the Basement Doctor out to do an estimate on a moderate basement renovation. Ryan had some great ideas took the time to do a really detailed drawing and took our input into account for improvements. We were delighted with the design. The Foreman came over with Ryan to do a final walk-through when we were ready to begin the project in late November. We talked through the project and came up with more improvement and realized the importance of writing every single detail down on paper. We had some hiccups in the project when The Foreman and his crew didn’t see a few of Ryan’s ideas with us that make it onto paper. Even with some small hiccups in the project and several change orders, I saw the professionalism and eagerness to please in all of the basement Doctor crew. They did a good job of drawing on their expertise in the field and were able to come up with a design that we are pleased with. We were very hesitant to do this project at the start and we are so pleased with the results, I am not sure why we waited.