My basement needed some major TLC. It used to be finished but there was a water main break and the drywall had to be taken down. That’s when we noticed the bowing walls and other necessary repairs. Charlie Murphy with The Basement Doctor came and assessed the situation. He provided me with a couple of solutions. He took his time during the consultation and walked me through what was going to be done to make me feel comfortable and secure again in my home. He never over-committed or promised me anything that couldn’t be done. He answered all of my questions, even if I asked them multiple times. Before the work was projected to start, Zach Wells came to the house to familiarize himself with the work order, waked me through the process again to answer any questions I had, and make sure I had no concerns. He reiterated what Charlie had said which made me feel good about the work that was going to be done. They didn’t oversell their products, their confidence spoke for itself. During the week of repairs, Zach and his crew arrived on time every day and completed the work before the projected time frame. They were respectful of my time and home and walked me through their progress each afternoon and answered my questions, again, even if they were repetitive. They cleaned up after themselves which was a major plus. Took into consideration my asthma and closed-off areas that would allow dirt and debris to get in vents or upstairs. I can’t thank The Basement Doctor enough for the peace of mind they gave me. This is the work that was done: scraping walls and application of antimicrobial paint, six beams installed, encapsulated crawlspace, install new windows and sump pump, install new downspouts away from the foundation, installed a new dehumidifier and insulated foundation openings. There is no more odor, the immediate temperature change of the basement was unbelievable. I used to have to leave every light on in the basement to keep from being scared as to what was down there. NO MORE. Not one creepy crawler seen. Although the price was a little over my budget for everything that needed to be done, I am so happy with the investment that I made in making my home safer and more comfortable. I’m so pleased with the results. Charlie and Zach also followed up after the work was complete to make sure I was a satisfied customer… and I am. Thank you!