We asked “The Basement Doctor” to solve our problem with water entering the basement of our 70 year old house.
We had “settlement problems”, as well as water percolating into the basement floor from below.
We have lived in this house for twenty years. We had “another company” come in to solve the problem in 1995 (it is now 2014).
I’m not trying to blame the “other company” for our continuing water problems over the last 15 years (technology has changed’,’,0,0), but…
“The Basement Doctor” SOLVED our problem. They brought a TEAM of PROFESSIONALS who really knew what they were doing. They worked hard…extremely hard! I lost count of the trips all of them made, up and down the basement stairs, carrying two buckets of material.
That was just the beginning. They dug up the old material, including plastic weep pipes that were not installed properly (how could the weep pipes drain to the sump, if they were bowed up hill at many points?).
The entire team, led by Calvin Sparks, did a great job! I can’t thank them enough for their efforts. The whole team went beyond my expectations!
It is very uncommon these days to find a Company/individual, that/who does what they say they will do.
This Company “The Basement Doctor” does what they say they will do…and beyond. They FINISH THE JOB!