Dan Noff and Crew performed a waterproofing and basement wall repair bringing the area up to and better than original condition very substantially. The three men were well trained, experienced and equipped to perform the service easily. They worked very hard steady and finished the job ahead of schedule. I was especially impressed with how very quietly they worked: I did not hear any voices and other than the brief noise of the jack hammer which seemed to be muted, one would not be aware of their presence. I THINK THIS IS EXTRADORDINARY AND WORTHY OF SPECIAL NOTE IN AN OTHERWISE NOISY WORLD WHERE EMPLOYEES SEEM TO BE TALKING ENDLESSLY AND NOT ABOUT WORK. When the job was completed they cleaned up as they withdrew including washing down my newly finished asphalt driveway. They were well mannered and helpful. They do their vocation and company very proud. I commend them and recommend The Basement Doctor to anyone or firm who might benefit from their products and services without hesitation.