Your team showed up to fix my leaky, damp & moldy basement in the last week of June. It was really big job. All crew were nice guys & worked hard Including their Foreman Rich Pomales. It was a lot of work. Mr. Pomales kept me in the loop on what was going on and why (because I would ask). He also worked with me on an item that was not noted in my contract. He did do an addendum to my contract to complete the last item in my job at a later date. I really appreciate that. I value the work your men do & the fact that Mr. Pomales took the time to make sure that I would get all that I expected to be done & thought was in my contract (electric wires attached to my new basement wall after removing the old wet drywall). The fact that he took the extra time to work with me on that is a big deal. It is not usual that many will go the extra mile to make sure a customer gets what they expected that by some reason or another was not noted to be done. I look forward to the last step of my job to be completed. Thanks Rich Pomales for being a top notch person as well as your team’s hard work. It is appreciated