After experiencing water coming through our basement wall, we called to schedule a consultation. The gentleman that came was very polite and professional. In light of the COVID-19 outbreak, he was wearing shoe covers, a mask, and gloves. He was very cautious not to touch anything or stand too close. He proposed an idea of what needed to be done to repair the leak and to prevent water from backing up in the future for around $2k. I was to receive it in writing by email, which I would sign electronically before being put on the schedule to begin work. All was great, but I never heard back from him to sign any paperwork. After several days, I called the office and asked if everything was ok, and to ensure that they had my correct email address. The receptionist assured me I would hear from him within 48 hours. I never heard from him or the office. We called a contractor who repaired the wall for $125.