Tom, today I thought I would write to you about my experience with your company. Today I think people are all too quick to complain but this time I must give credit where credit is due! Mid September Basement Doctor did a full waterproofing job at my elderly mother’s house. I made all the arrangements took the quotes and picked the Basement Doctor after getting quotes from 3 companies. I liked your no nonsense pricing flatly determined by feet of digging required. Richard Pomales was Mom’s job Forman. The crew started on time and finished on time. She was pleased with final cleanup inspection. Basement was now dry and smelled much better. For a time all was well and the install functioned perfectly. Over a period of weeks we started having problems with a floor drain. When clothes washer would drain floor drain would backup. Not knowing where actual problem was I called a Roto Router company. The snake indicated a problem with one of the sump pits. Sometimes you never know the integrity of a company until you encounter a problem. Not know who in the Basement organization to call I phoned our job Foreman Richard Pomales. Right away Richard was at the house at 6pm. I knew the guy had already put in a full day on another job but here he was to tackle my problem. Richard broke up the concrete near the sump pit and located drain exit. It was clear sludge from the drain and lint from the washer had clogged the stones. Richard extended the pipe and retested drain. It is now proof that this install and system should perform should work for years to come. Mom and I are both grateful for Richards service! Thanks Again!