While performing other work in my home a member of the BD crew noticed that the foundation wall had a crack running the length of one of the walls just below the soil line. A level placed against the wall showed the wall to be bowed in approximately 1/2 – 3/4″ over 4″ at the crack location. A force beam system was recommended to straighten the wall and provide support to prevent additional movement. Seventeen force beams were installed along two walls. Two water pipes required rerouting to allow installation of braces along one of the walls. The crew arrived at 8:00 am and was finished by early afternoon. The walls were brought back to within 1/4″ over 4″ after the initial installation. However, the BD force beam system incorporates a torque screw that is adjusted initially to 40 ft-lb and retightened after 6 mo – 1 yr to gain additional straightening. The work was completed on the date specified and the crew and project manager completed the repairs in a professional and timely manner.