The technician, Velmon, is not only smart but more importantly honest. By extension, The Basement Doctor has earned my trust. See below! Situation: Basement flooded due to sump pump failure. Initially, Velmon suggested the sump pump might be bad but said he’d need to dry up the area a little bit to look closer. He said if it is bad, it’d be a good chunk of money to replace it, and a good chunk to replace the battery backup, which also failed to work. Result: Ten minutes later, he comes back up and says the sump pump had been unplugged, probably because of the outlet’s angle. He re-plugged in the sump pump which started to work and did need to replace the battery backup. He then used zip ties to keep the plugs in place. That illustrates intelligence. Conclusion: The unplugged-in sump pump being the problem is the crucial point, because since I didn’t know what I was looking at, he could easily have said both the pump and the battery were bad, and I would never have known, and his BD manager would see a bigger customer billing and never have known either. And that illustrates integrity. Bravo, Velmon, and The Basement Doctor. Bravo!