Dear Basement Doctor and anyone who seeks their services, I want to take a moment to thank you for the recent repair you performed. What is most amazing to me is that the job you repaired was one you had completed quite some time ago. For a long time we had no idea what had caused the issues we were experiencing until we had some inspections done. Following this it became obvious that a minor error occurred during the installation of your moisture prevention system. No one, not even myself knew what to expect when I brought the concern to your attention. The original work had been done so long ago that most service providers would have said there was not way it remained under warranty. Legally you certainly could have postured in this manner. To my complete surprise and satisfaction you sent a tech to the home and when it became obvious that the error did in fact occur during previous work you had performed you agreed without hesitation to repair at no cost to me. The consideration and concern you and your staff showed was unprecedented. There are too few contractors that carry themselves with such amazing customer service and integrity. I am truly floored by how you handled this repair and cannot thank you enough. You have a loyal customer for life and I will do all I can to direct new business your direction. Thank you again Mike and Family