I cannot say enough good things about my experience. Robert Forrest met with me originally to go over the issues he found in my home. Scott Freeland was assigned as the foreman for my job. Robert and Scott were both extremely helpful in answering any questions I had regarding the process. (and I had a lot of them!) I can honestly say all the times I had a question and would send a text they both were quick to reply and both offered to come over if I needed them to. Even after 3 weeks of my job being finished I had a question regarding my app notification and I texted Robert and he replied right away. I also appreciate the care that Scott and his team took in making sure my home was well taken care of during this major job. I know not all places offer this kind of customer service. I work in a customer service environment that has very high standards and I believe both Robert and Scott (and his team) met the customer service expectations that I’m held to in my job daily. Thank you Robert and Scott (and team) for a job well done! Give those guys a raise! 🙂