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102-Year Home With Water & Structural Issues in Canal Winchester, OH
Customer: Cathy G.
Location: Canal Winchester, OH
Project Manager: Grep Papas
Installation Foreman: Zach Wells

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Project Description

Homeowner, Cathy, recently had a bathroom remodel that prompted concern about the weight of the new tile on her 102-year-old home. Upon closer inspection, she noticed that the basement walls were deteriorating. Cathy was a previous Basement Doctor customer. She was happy with the waterproofing and structural repair work they performed, so she decided to reach out again for a free in-home inspection, once she noticed crumbling on the untreated portion of her basement. With the age of her home, she wanted to address the issue ASAP due to structure and security concerns. Cathy does plan on moving in the future and wanted to make sure her home was in tip-top shape for the next homeowner, but also to ensure the home retains its value. Once Greg came out to inspect her foundation inside and out looking at every part of the walls and identifying her problems, she learned what was causing her walls to crumble and was comfortable in Greg’s knowledge and diagnosis. Cathy was happy to be given options and the ability to choose her home’s exact repair. A custom solution for her home and not just a one-size-fits-all repair, an option she received from another company, helped make her decision to move forward with The Basement Doctor. Cathy chose an I-beam system along with waterproofing products to protect against water seepage through the wall. She wanted to address the foundation before the winter weather hit, therefore her project needed to start as soon as possible.

Installation Foreman, Zach, and his crew began installing The Force Wall Stabilizer, a patented repair to stabilize foundation walls while providing a written warranty on materials and workmanship. This spring-loaded torsion mechanism automatically adjusts to push the walls back into place under the right conditions, bringing back the home’s structural integrity. During the job, Cathy realized just how knowledgeable Zach was and felt he could handle any situation that could arise. Communication was excellent. The homeowner received a call every day so she knew exactly when work was to begin. She found Zach and his crew to be hard workers, working diligently from the beginning to the end of every day. Zach also took the time to show and explain to Cathy what he and the crew accomplished each day, always keeping her informed about her project. Upon completion of the work, the crew made sure Cathy’s washer and dryer were returned to the exact spot she had it, even though it required extra work moving the drainage pipe, leaving the homeowner 100% satisfied.

Customer Quote:

“I would recommend the basement doctor for a few reasons… their integrity, they stand by their work, they follow up with you, they are very customer-focused, they want to do the job in the way the customer wants it done, realizing they are the experts and what will work and what won’t work but they involve the customer in every part of the process. The pricing is great, very friendly, it’s easy to make connections with them. They do great work. When I look at everything, now I think I don’t know that anybody could have done anything better than them. It was everything I hoped for and more!”