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Discharge Line Protection

Discharge Line Protection for Your Sump Pump in Columbus, OH

Sump pump discharge line protection is crucial to keeping your home water-free. Because if your sump pump’s discharge line freezes during the winter, your device may not work correctly. Cold and debris are a constant threat to the operation of your sump pump.  

Luckily, The Basement Doctor Columbus offers the best sump pump protection. Our discharge line protection delivers comprehensive protection against snow and ice obstruction. We will ensure your sump pump discharge line will always run with our product.

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How do I know if My Sump Pump Line is Freezing?

  • Your sump pump is always running – If your device is constantly running, then your discharge lines may have debris or ice. Frequent running signifies your sump pump is working harder to clear water past debris and ice.
  • Frequent on and off cycles – A regularly cycling sump pump works harder and will wear out faster.
  • Wet areas – Despite your sump pump running, there may be water everywhere. Standing water points to an overworked, failing sump pump with clogged lines.
  • Odors and humidity – Musty smells mean standing water and blockage in your discharge line. Be aware of foul odors or humidity.

How do I keep my sump pump line from freezing?

  • Keep water running – Constant water going in and out of the discharge line can prevent freezing and dislodge debris
  • Prevent water from meeting cold air – Provide more insulation between your discharge lines and cold air. Bury the liner deeper underground or add hay and tarp as insulation.
  • Reduce the workload – Less work means your sump pump won’t fail quickly.

There are many DIY ways to keep your sump pump from freezing. If these methods don’t work, you’ll want to consider professional installation.

Contact The Basement Doctor Columbus for Protection Against Freezing

With over 30 years of experience, The Basement Doctor Columbus knows how to handle a freezing sump pump. Our discharge line protection allows water to exit while protecting your discharge line from extreme temperatures. Additionally, our device works automatically and requires no maintenance from you.

Don’t let your home flood during winter. Give our waterproofing team a call today at (877) 264-9050 to schedule a FREE sump pump inspection.

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