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Bowing walls

Bowing Walls and Foundation Repair in Columbus, OH

A bowed or leaning wall is a clear sound of foundation troubles. Your home is letting you know it needs foundation repairs, from cracks in your foundation to buckling or bulging walls. Furthermore, your property’s value will decrease without home foundation repair, and your home may become unsafe. 

Luckily, The Basement Doctor Columbus offers comprehensive bowed wall repair. Our talented engineers will stabilize your foundation walls, fix basement wall cracks, and repair sagging floors. Through services, we will preserve your home and keep your family safe.

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How do I know if I have a bowed wall?

  • Stair step cracks – Floor cracks or foundation wall cracks are signs of a buckling foundation, no matter the size.
  • Tipping inward – A wall should stand straight. If your wall is leaning inward, your home’s stability is degrading. 
  • Horizontal shearing – If you look at the bottom of your wall, you may notice there is a “shifting” where bottom areas are jutting out further than the top areas
  • Horizontal or vertical cracks – Cracks running across or upwards on your walls or floors are clear signs of instability.

Why Are My Walls Bowed and Buckling?

  • Firstly, soil expansion may apply pressure on your basement walls. This pressure causes leaning, bowing, and buckling.
  • Secondly, water damage may erode your floor joists and wooden support systems. This erosion causes your walls to have to support more weight.
  • Lastly, water damage may also cause bulging and buckling of the basement walls. 

Unfortunately, a bowed foundation wall is an indication of an unstable home. Your basement walls provide your home’s strength and stability to keep your family safe. Furthermore, your walls are designed to withstand pressure. However, time affects everything, and even your foundation walls need minor repair over time. 

Contact Our Columbus Basement and Foundation Repair Experts

Luckily, the foundation repair contractors at The Basement Doctor Columbus offer a long list of solutions and services for your home.

Our foundation repair services in Columbus, OH, include wall stabilizers made from strong and durable steel materials. These I-beams apply constant pressure to your cracked basement walls to help restabilize them effectively and safely. Furthermore, this pressure works long-term and protects your home while increasing its value. 

Never ignore buckling, leaning, or bowing walls especially when our foundation experts can deliver long-term, cost-effective solutions. 

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