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Cracking walls

Cracking Walls and Foundation Repair in Columbus, OH

Cracks in your wall can be a clear indication of foundation problems. If you see “stair step” cracks in your concrete foundation wall, then your foundation needs help. Also, without home foundation repair, your property’s value will decrease, and your home may become unsafe.

Therefore, if you notice cracks in your walls or leaning and bowed walls, then you’ll want to contact the foundation repair experts at The Basement Doctor Columbus. Furthermore, we offer FREE inspections, so even if you’re not sure about your home’s problems, you can contact us, and we’ll give you a clear answer.

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What causes cracks on your basement and foundation walls?

  • Soil Pressure – Soil can expand and loosen. This expansion places pressure on your external and foundation walls, which causes bowing, buckling, leaning, and cracking.
  • Humidity – Wood frames in older homes contract with the rise and fall of humidity. This contraction leads to instability and the cracking of walls.
  • Loose Plaster – Older, standard plaster walls are not as durable as today’s drywall. Aging plaster sags and comes loose from the frame behind it. The loosening weakens the plaster, and it eventually cracks.
  • Settling and Shifting – Over time, your home will settle and shift. This settling causes foundation and basement walls and flooring to move. Shifting creates cracks and signals growing instability.

A variety of issues cause cracking walls. The severity and placement of the crack indicate how extensive repairs will be. Some cracks are repaired and sealed by plaster, while deeper structural cracks will require wall stabilizers.

Do cracks in walls indicate a structural problem?

The severity of cracks in walls depends on the location and material. For example, small cracks in the drywall in your living room require minor DIY fixes and usually don’t indicate more significant foundation problems. 

However, cracks in your concrete basement, foundation, or exterior brick walls indicate your home foundation is degrading. Such degradation leads to:  

  • Sagging floors
  • Cracks in the basement wall or floors
  • Wall and ceiling collapse
  • Bulging, bowing, or leaning walls
  • More severe cracks
  • Structural collapse

Contact Our Columbus Basement and Foundation Repair Experts

Lastly, we walk you through each problem and our solutions. Our professional foundation repair experts in Columbus, OH, can help you make the best decision for your home and wallet. Whatever questions you have, we are ready to answer. 

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