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 Commercial Mold Prevention & Removal

We Offer Premier, Permanent Commercial Mold Prevention For Your Business

Mold is a huge problem for commercial properties. Firstly, mold can cause a long list of health problems including coughing, asthma attacks, and allergic reactions. Secondly, you could be liable if an employee or a customer is negatively affected by mold.

Luckily, the Basement Doctor Columbus offers effective, and permanent mold removal solutions for commercial properties. Our waterproofers take care of water cleanup and restoration. Additionally, we prevent mold from thriving on your property. 

Let us take a look at your property when you schedule a FREE mold inspection with our waterproofing team. Contact us at (877) 264-9050 today. 

Why Are Our Mold Prevention Products The Best For Your Business?

  • Our epoxy products are EPA-regulated
  • We offer superior mold and mildew resistant as well as peeling and blistering resistant products
  • Washable/scrub-friendly surfaces means easy cleaning with soap and water
  • Our products are a water-based, low-odor acrylic
  • Our products contain a quick-drying formula which allows projects to be finished in one day
  • Furthermore, our epoxy is easy to apply

Mold causes everything from breathing problems to respiratory infections and fatigue. You should never let mold thrive on your property. Especially when the Basement Doctor Columbus can resolve your issues quickly and professionally. 

Why Should You Work With The Basement Doctor?

  • We provide detailed, written estimates
  • We are fully-insured, certified, and licensed
  • Minimum interruption to your existing business
  • We also offer limited warranties and financing options
  • Our contractors are a drug-free workforce
  • Our foremen average over 10 years of experience

If you’ve experienced a water disaster, give our waterproofing company in Columbus, Ohio a call.Stagnant water and moisture can lead to the development of dangerous mold in less than two days. 

Contact Our Mold Removal and Prevention Company In Columbus, Ohio

Commercial mold removal and prevention shouldn’t be left to just anyone. With more than thirty years of experience, the Basement Doctor Columbus can and will resolve your mold problems.  

Let our experts help you stay ahead of the mold and mildew growth. Give us a call at (877) 264-9050 to schedule a FREE inspection with our mold removal company.