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Air Sealing

Air-Sealing for Basements and Crawl Spaces in Columbus, OH

Sealing the air cracks in your attic is essential to reducing your energy bill. However, while warm air escapes through the attic, cold air enters through the basement and crawl space. Therefore, air-sealing your crawl space and basement can save you money in energy costs.

Although air-sealing your basement or crawl space in Columbus, OH, may seem complicated, it isn’t. The basement waterproofing team at The Basement Doctor Columbus will provide the best results at the most competitive prices.

Not sure if your basement needs sealing? Let us take a look! We provide FREE basement and crawl space inspections and financing options for your next home project.

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What’s Involved in Sealing A Basement?

    1. We start with an inspection. We utilize tools and over 30 years of experience to pinpoint leaks in your basement. Through our experience, we have found windows and door frames to be the most common places for air to enter.
    2. Our air-sealing specialists check the foundation walls, rim joists, vented appliances, window and door frames, and basement floors. These areas are where cracks and holes form and allow for cold air to rush in.
    3. Once our sealing specialists determine the location of the cracks, we start working. We utilize an assortment of tools and systems, such as spray insulation. Our products provide a firmer seal that lasts longer and insulates your home from cold air.

Save On Your Energy Bill By Air-Sealing Your Basement

Air-sealing your basement requires time and experience. The Basement Doctor Columbus has the focus and dedication to ensure your home is insulated and your family is comfortable.

Tired of the breeze you feel in the basement? Contact our team at (877) 264-9050 today to schedule a FREE basement inspection.

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