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Wall Sealing

Finish Your Basement With Wall Sealing Services in Columbus, OH

Unfortunately, most basement walls are built with standard drywall and wood framing. This framing absorbs moisture leading to mold growth and wood rot. If not addressed, your home will lose value and may become unsafe. 

Luckily, The Basement Doctor Columbus offers The BD Epoxy™, a powerful basement waterproofing system. Our wall seal keeps your basement dry and fresh, so you can add value to your home and ensure everyone is comfortable. We also offer financing options to help you begin and bring your basement finishing dreams to life.

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Waterproof Your Basement with our Waterproofing Paint and Wall Sealing

We understand that transforming your damp and dark basement into a comfortable living space is crucial. Therefore, our basement finishing team uses the best waterproofing paints and water sealing to give your basement the fresh, clean look you’re looking for.

For example, our BD Epoxy™ is a wall system designed by engineers to last in below-grade conditions while keeping your space safe and dry. Our system creates a waterproof barrier of moisture and mold-resistant insulation with an R-16 value. The R-16 rating is one of the highest ratings for insulating basement walls.

Furthermore, installing our waterproofing paint will help reduce your energy bill.

The Benefits of Wall Sealing For Basement and Foundation Waterproofing

  • The BD Epoxy™ is smooth, seamless, and can be painted your color of choice.
  • Our waterproofing wall system exceeds building codes. What does this mean? TVs and shelving can be hung on our wall seal without threatening the wall’s integrity.
  • The BD Epoxy™ also creates a straight interior wall even if the foundation wall is curved from age or soil settlement.

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If you want to finish your basement, make sure it’s dry and fresh. Contact our waterproofing team at (877) 264-9050 to schedule a FREE basement and foundation inspection.

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