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Glass Block


Glass Block Installation in Columbus, OH

Many homeowners are currently stuck with old, drafty, and ugly basement windows. These eyesores decrease the value of your home. Further, they make you less safe. Water damage, critters, and even robbers can take advantage of loose, damaged, and old basement windows.

Luckily, The Basement Doctor Columbus has the perfect solution. Our glass block windows are perfect for giving your home the protection you deserve. We will ensure you have the best windows through our services, no matter how long it’s been since your last replacement. 

Let us know if you need a glass block installation in Columbus, OH. Contact our basement specialists today for a FREE basement inspection at (877) 264-9050. We also offer home repair financing and limited warranties. 

What Are The Benefits of Glass Block Windows?

  • Glass block windows are the most practical and natural to install. Unlike other options, glass blocks can be quickly installed while providing long-term benefits.
  • Block windows allow less heat to be lost than more traditional options. This energy efficiency makes them a better choice. How? Glass block windows are airtight, low-E, or low emissivity. These factors reduce heat loss.
  • Although simple, glass blocks are aesthetically pleasing and will give your home a distinctive look. Further, they increase the value of your home.
  • Additionally, block windows are fire-resistant. This resistance ensures your home is further protected in the case of a fire.
  • Block windows dampen sound.
  • Block windows are tough. Even if they are cracked, the replacement process is straightforward. Further, the strength of the Glass will dissuade burglars.
  • Lastly, glass windows allow natural light to come in but prevent others from seeing into your home. The unique make-up of the Glass prevents anyone from effectively snooping around your house.


Contact The Basement Doctor for the Block Window Installation in Columbus, OH

The Basement Doctor Columbus has more than three decades of experience, providing homeowners with the best solutions for their basement. Glass block windows offer many benefits. With a bit of time, we can handle your installation.

Call us at (877) 264-9050 today to schedule a FREE basement inspection.

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