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Basement Doctor Plus Epoxy Installation in Hilliard, OH
Customer: Brian & Cindy C.
Location: Hilliard, OH 43026
Project Manager: Scott Ford

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Project Description


Brian called into The Basement Doctor because he and his wife noticed dampness in their basement. He wasn’t sure of when the dampness started, but he knew it was present on their walls. This had been their place of residence for three years. They had an unfinished crawl space as well, but wanted to focus on the damp basement walls first, especially since they were getting ready to sell the home. Brian scheduled a free consultation with The Basement Doctor to find a solution.


The Basement Doctor sent project manager Scott Ford out for an assessment. Scott is a seasoned professional and assists homeowners throughout the Central Ohio area. He also specializes in helping homeowners get their homes ready to sell. Scott arrived with a plan to assess the problem and find a solution. After a thorough inspection, Scott suggested Basement Doctor Plus Epoxy to address the leaky wall and dampness. Basement Doctor Plus Epoxy is a state of the art waterproofing sealer and mold inhibitor that also greatly improves the appearance of basement walls. After discussing the options with Brian, he agreed to move forward with the installation process. The Basement Doctor crew was on the job to ensure the BD Plus Epoxy was installed successfully. The customer was given the peace of mind that he needed to put his home on the market, and The Basement Doctor’s goal of trust and customer satisfaction was achieved!

Customer Quote:

"There was a prompt response to the request to have work completed. The work was completed on time and was of very good quality." –Brian T.