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Basement Doctor Plus Epoxy Saves Nasty Columbus Ohio Basement
Customer: Lisa K.
Location: Columbus, OH 43228
Project Manager: Wes Martin

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Project Description


Lisa called into the Basement Doctor, because she noticed one large crack and moisture coming through one wall in her basement. After further research, they realized the previous homeowner had the very same issue with the home. The previous owner hired a contractor that put a “band aid” on the issue, but it proved to be a temporary fix. As time went on, the moisture resurfaced within the walls, and now the paint was starting to bubble up on the wall. Lisa wanted to remedy this, because her walls were getting worse. She scheduled a free consultation with The Basement Doctor to find a permanent solution.


The Basement Doctor sent out project manager, Wes Martin, for an assessment of the wall. Wes has over 25 years of experience in the foundation and waterproofing industry. He automatically knew what his objective was during this project. Wes knew that he had to locate the problem and offer a permanent solution. After a thorough assessment, it was discovered that the paint bubbles were a result of moisture beneath the wall’s surface. He even discovered some discoloration of the walls. Wes suggested The Basement Doctor Plus Epoxy system for the homeowner. This effective system is designed to be a waterproof sealer and mold inhibitor. It will protect the basement against water and mold, will withstand 40 pounds per square inch, and features an effective antimicrobial additive. After discussing the options with the homeowner, Lisa agreed to move forward with the project. The Basement Doctor Installation team was on site to ensure the system was properly integrated. The homeowner was given satisfaction and peace of mind, knowing she called the right place for a permanent solution!

Customer Quote:

"Everything went as scheduled. The process was easy with no surprises, which was appreciated. Jesse was very nice, professional, and showed a genuine concern that the job was done well. He was great to deal with and did an awesome job." – Lisa K.