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The Cheaper Basement Waterproofer Proves To Be More Expensive for this Columbus, OH Homeowner
Customer: Mike M.
Location: Columbus, OH 43231
Project Manager: Ryan Bolin

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Project Description


This story is a special case.  It’s not uncommon when something needs fixed to call on someone you know to fix the issue. The hope that they could be cheaper than other professionals in the field makes it a worthy risk, right? Well our customer had a pretty common waterproofing problem. He was having leaks in his basement and decided to call a friend to waterproof the area. After the job was done, the customer still noticed he was having leaks. This would make anyone frustrated and uncomfortable. Looking for peace of mind, he called The Basement Doctor!


The Basement Doctor sent Project Manager Ryan Bolin out to examine the issue.  The first order of business for Ryan was to put the customer’s mind at ease. Ryan examined the leaks and prescribed a full perimeter waterproofing system. Our certified professionals were “on the job” and installed the system successfully! The Basement Doctor understood the urgency, fixed the problem, and took the emotional stress away from the customer.

Special Notes:

We are in a very difficult industry, and often called out when something is so bad that the homeowner cannot resolve the issue on their own. Often times this is frustrating and hard on the homeowner. The issue, like in this case, can be compounded when a certified professional is not brought in first to provide the proper solution. In the long run, going the cheaper route becomes more expensive as the job has to be done again. It is cheaper to do it right the first time, but it is up to the customer to make that decision. Our experts are always here to help and present the right solutions, but do not believe in scare tactics or trying to force someone to use our services.