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Multiple Cracks in Walls in New Albany, OH
Customer: Jeff & Cheryl C.
Location: New Albany, OH 43054
Installation Foreman: Rob Giffin

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Project Description


The homeowners called in stating they had 10 cracks in their basement walls. Cracks could be openings for moisture if not handled in a timely manner and potentially threaten the structural rigidity of the home. Here the homeowner recognized the situation and called for the help of an experienced professional. Needing a solution, they called The Basement Doctor!


The Basement Doctor sent a project manager out to assess the issue. The prime objective was to give the best solution for the homeowners. After thorough examination, Jaime suggested 10 poured wall crack repairs. This would not only seal the cracks, but it would keep any moisture out as well. Our Basement Doctor team of professionals were “on the job” to ensure this process was completed successfully. The homeowners were happy that they called the right place!

Anything special that stood out to you in this project?

This was a unique scenario. This was an 800k home that was having the entire basement finished. The homeowners took preventative measure to have the work done, before moving forward with finishing. This was a great catch by the homeowners and goes a long way in protecting their future remodeling investment.