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Cracked Wall and Sump Pump Replacement in Pickerington, OH
Customer: Paul & Lori D.
Location: Pickerington, OH 43147
Project Manager: Austin Waller

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Project Description


Paul reached out to The Basement Doctor, because he had some areas in his basement needing attention. He noticed a stair step and diagonal crack in the corner of his basement. Generally, when cracks are discovered, it is an implication of a foundation issue. Along with the cracks, Paul stated there was also a possible bow in the wall, that continued to worsen over the course of time. He had a partially finished basement, but the problem areas were located in the unfinished portion. On top of the issues at hand, he also had a sump pump that continued to run. He really needed a professional evaluation to diagnose his concerns. He scheduled a free consultation in hopes of finding a solution.


The Basement Doctor sent project manager, Austin Waller, out for an assessment. Austin is a trusted professional, whose attention to detail made him a good fit for this project. Knowing the issues that were explained, Austin had a clear objective heading into the homeowner’s residence. Austin knew he needed to perform a detailed evaluation and give the best solution to fix the problems. After a thorough assessment, Austin located the concerns the homeowner detailed. He suggested one force beam, one sump pump, and a freeze guard for the discharge line. The force beam is a powerful method designed to realign the wall within the home’s foundation. This would resolve issues with cracks and bowing that come with a compromised foundation. The new sump pump would reassure the homeowners that they had a fully functional sump pump that would stop the continuous running sound, provide peace of mind during rains, and ensure that water is properly being pumped. The freeze guard is a protective cover that keeps the discharge line from freezing and causing blockage in the line. This would cause flooding in the basement, because water wouldn’t be able to flow outside of the home. After discussing the options, the homeowners agreed to move forward with The Basement Doctor. The Basement Doctor Team came together to ensure the installation process was successful, and the homeowners were given peace of mind and were satisfied with the results of this project. The Basement Doctor’s goal of trust was earned and achieved.

Customer Quote:

"Very satisfied with the work done! Austin and Michael were both great to work with. Thank you!" – Paul & Lori D.