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Cracked Walls & Moisture in Marion, OH
Customer: Randy & Bobbie P.
Location: Marion, OH 43302
Project Manager: Jarrod McDonald

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Project Description


Randy called The Basement Doctor because he discovered moisture in his walls. The moisture was also getting on the floor because of cracks in the wall. The cracks on the wall were going both ways around the block and he believed it could be a cause in the leakage as well. He also noticed stair step cracks in the block walls along with the previous cracks he’d seen. The home was an older home built in 1957, so he had an urgent desire to have the leaks examined. He scheduled a free consultation with The Basement Doctor to find a solution.


The Basement Doctor sent project manager Jarrod McDonald out for an assessment of the cracked walls. Jarrod is an experienced project manager whose knowledge made him a great fit for this project. With a clear objective in mind, Jarrod had a goal to locate the homeowner’s problem and suggest a solution. After a thorough assessment, Jarrod located the leaks, and suggested 16 reinforcers and a downspout line. The reinforcers would properly address the cracks in his walls by securing the wall from further movement, and preventing further wall decay. The downspout line would stop water infiltration by properly carrying rain water from the gutter away from the home. After discussing the options, the homeowners agreed to move forward with The Basement Doctor. The Basement Doctor crew was on the job to ensure the installation was successful. The homeowners were given peace of mind. The goal of customer satisfaction and trust was achieved!

Customer Quote:

"Everyone involved was extremely professional from the first call to the hand shake given by the installation crew chief. I got a great price on an even greater product. I have had no water since the completion of this job. Thank you and the entire crew at The Basement Doctor best regards." – Randy & Bobbie P.