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Crawl Space Encapsulation in Bellefontaine, OH
Customer: Lisa & Scott G.
Location: Bellefontaine, OH 43311
Project Manager: Rob Forrest

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Project Description


Lisa filled out an estimate request form on The Basement Doctor website. She stated that her crawl space was very damp. She then explained that the house was incredibly expensive to heat and mold growth was frequent. They weren’t able to store clothes and items because the moldy and musty odor had filled the crawl space. They even resorted to putting a device in the home for air circulation that eventually made the odor even worse. She and her husband Scott live in a ranch home built in the early 70s, and were anxious to get their issues resolved. After a phone conversation with a Basement Doctor Representative, she scheduled a free consultation to find their solution.


The Basement Doctor sent project manager Rob Forrest out for an assessment of the crawl space. Rob is a successful project manager with The Basement Doctor, and his experience made him a good fit for this project. Rob had a clear objective from the detailed explanation of issues from the homeowners. Rob knew he needed to provide a viable solution to ease the homeowner’s mind. After a thorough assessment, Rob suggested a full crawl space encapsulation. A crawl space encapsulation is an amazing way to transform your crawl space into a healthy, livable, and usable space. The whitecap vapor barrier seals and protects the crawl space from outside elements of nature. It helps to reduce energy usage, improve air quality, gets rid of odors, and reduces the presence of mold, bugs, mice and other critters. After discussing the options, the homeowners agreed to move forward with The Basement Doctor as their contractor. The Basement Doctor team was on the job to ensure the installation was successful. The homeowners were given peace of mind knowing their home was relieved of the musty and moldy odor smells. Trust was earned, and the goal of complete customer satisfaction was achieved!

Customer Quote:

"I was very impressed with Rob Forrest. He was prompt for the initial visit and very knowledgeable about the product. I had many questions over the course of the decision making process and he was available by text, email, and responded quickly."