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Wet Moldy Crawl Space in Pickerington, OH
Customer: Jason & Cindi G.
Location: Pickerington, OH 43147
Project Manager: Jesse Senters

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Project Description


Jason decided to schedule a free consultation with The Basement Doctor, because him and his wife, Cindi, were upgrading their home and had several home remodeling projects going on. They were always concerned about the crawl space and thought it would be a good time to get a professional to check it out. Previously, they had a local company out doing an attic inspection, that also inspected the crawl space. The local company told Jason and Cindi that they had water damage and recommended “crawl space capping” and insulation. Jason was not impressed with the company or their inspector, and was anticipating his inspection with The Basement Doctor, due to their reputation. He wanted a trusted name in the industry.

Project Manager Jesse Senters, a former Installations Foreman, met with Jason and Cindi giving them a thorough crawl space inspection. During the inspection, the homeowners told Jesse that they always had air quality issues with the room above the crawl space, their bedroom.

Upon inspection, Jesse found signs of water, along with a small amount of mold. This also explained the air quality problem in the bedroom. Jesse believed the best remedy for Jason and Cindi was crawl space encapsulation and a dehumidifier


Encapsulating the space would protect the home from outside elements. Protecting them from water seepage, mold and pests, while promoting better air quality. The dehumidifier would improve air quality by removing allergens from the air and make the home more energy efficient and comfortable.

Now, Jason and Cindi have a crawl space they can be proud of, while providing them with peace of mind. An extra bonus is they now even have more additional storage space!

Customer Quote:

“I like Jesse, he was qualified, the guys were nice, came and went as they were supposed to. Everything went very smoothly and went as it was supposed to. The Basement Doctor is the only company that started and finished when they said they would out of all the companies we have working on our home right now.”