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Crawl Space Structural & Humidity Issues in Hilliard, OH
Customer: Ann M.
Location: Hilliard, OH 43206
Project Manager: Scott Lee
Installation Foreman: Paul Warden

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Project Description


Ann, our Hilliard homeowner, purchased her house from a neighbor. In the crawl space, there were issues with installed posts, cement, joists, and spray foam. The previous homeowner said that a post had fallen in the crawl space, but that it had since been repaired. Moisture was also an issue that caused concern, considering that the home had wood braces. With so many structural issues, Ann was very concerned about a walk-in tub that she had installed. She worried that the home could not handle the burden of the extra weight, especially since a post previously fell. Ann had seen the Basement Doctor at a home show and after a lengthy discussion, she was very impressed. It was then and there that she decided if a problem ever arose, the Basement Doctor would be the first person she would call. When a friend of hers who runs a home improvement business went into the crawl space, he informed her that the collapsed post that she was told had been taken care of, had in fact not been. She knew it was time to have her home inspected and the Basement Doctor was who she trusted for such an important evaluation. She quickly made an appointment for her free in-home estimate.


Project Manager, Scott Lee, met with Ann and discussed the history and issues that she was dealing with. With 86% humidity being found in the space, the homeowner was correct in worrying about the stability of her wood braces. The project manager took pictures of the issues he saw in her crawl space. Ann would need to address multiple problems from structure to humidity and security. Scott’s proposal addressed all concerns utilizing power posts, encapsulation, a dehumidifier, and a secure crawl space door. The posts stabilized the home, encapsulation sealed the space from the outdoor elements, the dehumidifier conditioned the air bringing down the humidity levels, and the door gave Ann security and peace of mind.

Customer Quote:

"All the way through I felt like I was treated with respect. I felt like I didn’t have to always go back and double check. But I will tell you, your workers were a very very nice respectful bunch of people, and because you can hear things up through the floor, they did something that I hadn’t seen, and I had a lot of work done on things. They laughed. They were down there joking with one another and saying nice things to one another, and it was like, all right. And when you have workers that way, you’re treating them right and they will do a better job for you."