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Damp Odors and Rodents in a Westerville, OH Crawl Space
Customer: Bill and Sarah D.
Location: Westerville, OH 43082
Project Manager: Nathan Reed

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Project Description


The home owner stated that the crawl space was damp, musty, and very cold. During the inspection Nate discovered that there were single pane windows located in the crawl space. These single pane windows are notorious for air and water leaks which contribute to poor energy efficiency. Bill also complained about hearing scratching noises coming from the floor/wall area in the bedroom. After inspecting the rim joist below the bedroom, it became apparent that this area had become infested with rodents. The mice coming in and out created the air and moisture issue. There was also an area discovered at the front of the crawlspace where the dirt was sloping down into the block wall.


The solution Nate prescribed was to encapsulate the area with the White Cap crawl space vapor barrier system. The single pane windows were exchanged for glass block windows which increase security, privacy and energy efficiency. The area between the floor joist was sealed up with additional framing and closed cell spray foam insulation to solve the rodent/scratching noise problem. After talking with the homeowner and learning that Bill was pretty handy, Nate suggested that the homeowner save some money and build a pressure treated knee wall to retain the dirt and gravel going into the block wall himself. Bill did a great job with the project! Now the homeowner has a sealed and encapsulated crawl space without pests. No further odors permeating throughout the home and no more rodents nesting in the crawl space.