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EncapsulationCrawl Space Encapsulation in Groveport, OH
Customer: Valerie F.
Location: Groveport, OH 43125
Project Manager: Curtis Cline

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Project Description


Homeowner, Valerie, contacted The Basement Doctor via Internet Estimate Request. After being contacted by a representative, she began to describe her problem in detail, stating that she had some mold in her crawl space. She has resided in the home for 19 years with the original plastic in the space. Her attempt to clean out the crawl space revealed what she referred to as “weird stuff”. She also highlighted that the basement had a smelly odor as well. She saw a Basement Doctor commercial about crawl space encapsulation and decided to call. Then, her free consultation with The Basement Doctor was scheduled.


The Basement Doctor sent project manager, Curtis Cline, out for an assessment of the crawl space. Curtis is a seasoned project manager, whose experience helping homeowners made him a great fit for this project. He had an objective set before him to locate the homeowner’s problem, and find a solution. After a thorough assessment, Curtis suggested a crawl space encapsulation. This solution is a full makeover for the crawl space. It makes the area a usable and healthy space. It also alleviates the odors, mold, and any other source of tension causing strife for homeowners. Therefore, it benefits homeowners health wise because 50% of the air breathed inside the home come from the crawlspace. After discussing these options, the homeowner agreed to use The Basement Doctor as their project’s contractor. The Basement Doctor team was on the job to make sure the encapsulation was a success. Valerie was given the peace of mind that she was seeking concerning the issues of her crawl space, trust was earned, and the goal of customer satisfaction was achieved!

Customer Quote:

"The crew was awesome! They advised me of additional concerns that needed to be addressed. Very professional!" – Valerie F.