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Force Beam Installation in Gahanna, OH
Customer: Gene & Marcia D.
Location: Gahanna, OH 43230
Project Manager: Ryan Bolin

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Project Description


Gene called into The Basement Doctor because he was having issues with his partially finished foundation. The foundation was bowing with many cracks within the surface. Gene stated that the foundation was bowing about an inch off of the cement wall. The one good thing was that Gene didn’t notice any signs of water coming through the cracks. Gene had an urgency to see this matter addressed properly. Gene scheduled scheduled a free consultation with The Basement Doctor so he could find a solution to his bowing wall.


The Basement Doctor sent project manager Ryan Bolin out to assess the bowing wall in Gene’s basement. Ryan is a seasoned project manager at The Basement Doctor and has assisted homeowners throughout central Ohio for a long time. Ryan’s main objective was to locate the issue and provide a solution for the Gene and Marcia. After a thorough assessment, Ryan suggested force beams upon the wall. The force beams would stabilize the wall and bring it back with the proper alignment with the foundation. After discussions with the homeowners, Gene agreed to move forward with the process. Or Basement Doctor crew was on hand to ensure that the beams were installed properly. Gene was given the peace of mind that he needed. Trust was earned, and the goal of customer satisfaction was achieved.

Special Consideration:

Gene chose to call The Basement Doctor because he was referred by his neighbor, Carl S. from the Gahanna Police Dept.

Customer Quote:

“On time! They worked accurately and fast. They answered all questions and cleaned up after. They were courteous and friendly. What more can you ask for?” – Gene D.