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Emergency Wall Rebuild in Morral Ohio
Customer: Scott & DeAnna C.
Location: Morral, OH
Project Manager: Ryan Bolin
Installation Foreman: Rob Giffin

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Project Description


Homeowners, Scott and DeAnna, knew their basement had cracks and some shifting, but on the night of their son’s graduation party, everything changed. Their son woke them up and told them they needed to get downstairs to see what had happened. Once they rushed downstairs, they saw that their wall had collapsed inward! Scott and DeAnna were previous Basement Doctor customers, so they knew exactly who to call. They called the office on Monday and by Tuesday morning the repairs had begun.


Ryan and Rob went to the home quickly and reassured the frantic homeowners that the problem could be resolved, but this was an extensive repair that needed done ASAP. Crews worked diligently around weather conditions to get the home in tip-top shape. The scope of work consisted of excavation and a wall rebuild, force beams, waterproofing, downspout lines, and sump pumps. The homeowners said they couldn’t be more pleased with the results. What seemed like a bleak situation was quickly addressed and turned around, giving them relief and peace of mind.

Customer Quote:

"My experience with the Basement Doctor, they did a great job the first time we had them out. We had an emergency and they were out here the next day and were on the problem the next day and on the problem the next, had the crew out here and got everything done. I have had a great experience with them twice, so I really appreciate their help."
"I couldn’t be happier. They did a wonderful job, just like nothing ever happened, I can’t thank you enough."