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Leaky and Cracked Walls at Trinity Westland Church in Oak Hill, OH
Customer: Roger L. - Trinity Westland Church
Location: Oak Hill, OH 45656
Project Manager: Rob Forrest

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Project Description


The Trinity Westland Church needed The Basement Doctor to come out and examine some water issues within the church. Roger, the church contact, called into The Basement Doctor to describe the situation in detail. He stated that there was leaking through a wall in one of the church rooms. As a result of this particular leak, it also caused leaking in the room next to it. As a quick fix, he attempted to patch the wall himself until something could be done permanently. Also, there were also stair step cracks in the wall on the inside. Roger knew this job needed professional services. He scheduled a free consultation with The Basement Doctor to find a solution for the church’s needs.


The Basement Doctor sent project manager, Rob Forrest, out for an assessment at the church. Rob has settled into his role as project manager quite well and was a great fit for this particular project. This type of project required great attention to detail, because the church property was different than the typical residential property. Rob had a clear focus to locate the issues presented and provide a solution. He investigated thoroughly and was able to provide a prescription for the cracked and leaky walls. He also suggested waterproofing, epoxy, 1/2 hp pump, and a discharge line. Waterproofing was imperative to seal the area from water infiltration. Epoxy coating is an amazing product for walls because it’s a state of the art waterproof sealer with mold inhibitor. The ½ hp pump ensured that during a rain that water would run through the sump pump properly. The discharge line has the job of making sure everything exits properly. After discussing these options with Rob, Roger agreed to move forward with The Basement Doctor as the project’s contractor. The Basement Doctor crew was on the job to make sure the multi installation was a success. Roger was given the peace of mind that he needed and the goal of trust was earned!

Customer Quote:

“Everything was top not notch! Very Happy!” – Roger L. –Trinity Westland Church Contact