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Leaky Basement in Grove City, OH
Customer: Tony & Janet E.
Location: Sunbury, OH 43074
Project Manager: Scott Lee

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Project Description


Tony called into The Basement Doctor, because he had been experiencing some moisture in his basement. He said he had noticed dampness behind his washing machine, even when it wasn’t turned on. He had a chlorine tank in the area, but those issues had been fixed. This was a major area of concern, because of the consistency of the issue. This was a twenty-five year old problem, therefore, the urgency to get it fixed was certainly understood. Tony scheduled a free consultation with The Basement Doctor to find a solution for the moisture and dampness in the basement.


The Basement Doctor sent project manager, Scott Lee, out for an assessment. Scott has a vast amount of experience, knowledge, and was a great fit for the project. He had an objective for this job, but during his assessment, he found more than what was expected. The inspection showed water at the cove, coming onto the floor behind the washer and dryer, as well as along the unfinished and finished side, in the back corner. This caused water damage to the paneling since there was constant leaking. After a thorough assessment, Scott suggested waterproofing, a downspout, crawlspace encapsulation, and whitecap. The waterproofing, would help to seal off the moisture infiltration from behind the washing machine. The downspout would ensure water was draining properly, while the whitecap vapor barrier would seal and creates a healthy, usable, and livable crawl space. After discussing these options with Tony, he and his wife agreed to move forward with the project. The Basement Doctor team joined the project to ensure successful installation. Their goal is always customer satisfaction, peace of mind, and trust. All three goals were accomplished for the homeowners.

Customer Quote:

"After two nights of heavy rain, our basement is still dry! After twenty-five years, the basement has finally dried up. The work was done in one long day and two half days. Very impressive!" – Tony & Janet E.