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Leaky Crawl Space in Grove City, OH
Customer: Dan & Jan H.
Location: Grove City, OH 43213
Project Manager: Seth Melvin
Installation Foreman: Justin Parks

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Project Description


Dan called into The Basement Doctor because he noticed a glaring issue in his crawl space. They had carpeted the crawl space so they could use the area for storage. As he maneuvered through the crawl space, he noticed water and areas of moisture in the gravel. He was puzzled, because this had never happened before. He and his wife had lived in this home for 15 years and hadn’t had any issues. They scheduled a free consultation with The Basement Doctor in hopes of finding a solution to fix their wet crawl space.


The Basement Doctor sent project manager Seth Melvin for an assessment of the crawl space. Seth is a seasoned project manager with The Basement Doctor, and his experience made him a good fit for this project. He had a clear objective for this project: find the problem and suggest a solution. After a thorough assessment, Seth suggested a crawl space encapsulation. Seth also suggested waterproofing and ez flow in the crawl space. A crawl space encapsulation, seals the space, by providing a healthy and safe barrier. Waterproofing further seals the problem area from water infiltration and ensures that it flows properly. The EZ flow makes sure that water is redirected area and doesn’t infiltrate the home. After discussing these options with the homeowners, they agreed to move forward with The Basement Doctor. The team was on the job to ensure that the installation was a success, and that the homeowners were satisfied, and given peace of mind. The Basement Doctor goal of trust and satisfaction was achieved.

Customer Quote:

"Honestly, I was dreading the idea of the job. However the crew was efficient, polite, and professional from start to finish. The job was completed in half the time and I was so happy. They cleaned up too…such a joy!" – Dan & Jan H.