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Leaky Wall and Blocked Downspout Line in Columbus, OH
Customer: Richard & Joan N.
Location: Columbus, OH 43235
Project Manager: Nate Reed

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Project Description


Richard called The Basement Doctor because he was having water issues in his basement. The sump pump and downspout water was overflowing from the downspout lines due to blockage. As a result, the walls were stained from the sump that was continuously running. Richard was looking to buy a battery back-up to support his pump. The basement was unfinished and on a block foundation. Richard scheduled a free consultation with The Basement Doctor to find a solution to his leaky basement.


The Basement Doctor sent project manager Nate Reed out for an assessment of the leaky basement. Nate was a great fit for this project thanks to his solid reputation and his many years of experience assisting homeowners throughout central Ohio. Nate arrived on site with an objective to locate the problem and prescribe a solution. After a thorough inspection, Nate suggested replacing the downspout lines and applying Basement Doctor Epoxy on the wall. The downspout line replacement would eliminate the blockage, while the epoxy would rid the wall of the stains and protect them from moisture and mold. After discussing the options with Richard, he agreed to move forward with the installation process. The Basement Doctor crew was “on the job” to ensure the epoxy was expertly applied and the downspout lines were replaced. The customer was satisfied and given peace of mind that a permanent solution had been achieved.