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Lifetown Disinfecting Service Case Study
Customer: Rabbi A. and Esther K.
Location: New Albany, OH 43054
Project Manager: Ryan Bolin

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Project Description

Due to the COVID-19 Human Coronavirus, many businesses are taking precautionary measures to protect their customers and employees. Lifetown Columbus knew they needed to act quickly to ensure the safety of the number of children and volunteers coming in and out of the building daily. Rabbi A. and Esther K. reached out to The Basement Doctor to perform our disinfecting treatment on the building of the facility. Lifetown has thousands of children and volunteers coming into the building and Chabad Center, and it’s hard to know exactly what germs those people have come into contact with.

This disinfecting treatment acts as a reset button and offers a new start to maintain the health of your building. Using EPA registered products, The Basement Doctor is able to take a potentially contaminated space and effectively eliminate microbial, bacterial, and viral enemies responsible for the Coronavirus. Ryan performed the process of completely wiping down all horizontal surfaces and fogging ambient air onto vertical surfaces, followed by a maintenance plan of upkeep that provides a space as contaminate free as possible. Following the treatment, Rabbi and Esther are left with confidence and peace of mind during this difficult time.

Customer Quote:

"To be EPA certified it means you know what you are doing, just like when you go to a doctor you are going to an expert. So why should cleanliness be anything less?” - Rabbi A. and Esther K.
“We are all going through a rough time this corona epidemic is so sad and devastating. What gives me a sense of security, you have good people, kind people, like the basement doctor, that care about people in need. No one should have to fret or worry about catching this horrible virus.” - Rabbi A. and Esther K.